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Company Overview

Blue Lion Biotech, LLC is located in Washington State. We're your one-stop source for quality biotech equipment and service. We prefer the small business approach to buying and selling lab equipment.

Blue Lion Biotech, LLC truly proves the old adage that "bigger is not always better". The size of our company enables us to focus attention on each customer as a valued partner. Our foremost concern is meeting and exceeding our customer expectations. The flexibility of Blue Lion Biotech, LLC, coupled with a high quality product and a hands-on style of management has been a winning formula. This formula will, undoubtedly, continue to yield the same results in the next decade.

In only a few years, biotechnology, specifically mass spectrometry technology, has developed into an essential analytical technique in many industries and application areas. The use of such equipment has become routine in many of today's academic and commercial laboratories. It is essential to exploit fully the performance of each instrument during its lifetime. Many core facilities and many new bioscience biotech companies often have policies or opinions that dictate that they should only purchase brand new lab instrumentation. As we all know the prices of service contracts and consumables are added on which add significantly to the costs of having the necessary equipment to perform the service. At the same time the technology is ever changing and what is state of the art today may be and often is suddenly out-moded by a new latest version of the instrument a couple of years later. So brand new instruments rapidly become the slower old one or often consume larger amounts expensive reagents, are less efficient, less productive or less sensitive and precise than the latest models.

Labs that consider and purchase pre-owned, test checked, refurbished, upgraded, warranted equipment save significant money and thus, their cost of equipment is vastly less than that of those who purchase brand new instrumentation. Their costs are less so they can offer services at lower rates.

On occasion, the Blue Lion team researches and finds lab instruments that are brand new in the original box/packaging. We also find unused that are current models fully supported by their manufacturers. These are typically sold at greatly discounted prices and are great deals. The point is in these cases, perfectly operational reliable equipment is obtained with huge savings and thus the cost per test for consumables is easily covered in analysis service fees. This allows profit that can be applied towards service contracts, consumables stock supplies, and other instruments.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide you premium as-new high end analytical equipment, service and support for multi-vendor instruments with a cost effective and flexible approach.

Blue Lion Biotech cares about what you need to accomplish. This means caring about your ability to provide competitive services, ability to accomplish research goals. This leads to obtaining grants, or in the case of industry the ability to produce products, obtain government innovative research grants or investor funding based upon good research results with the instrumentation you have purchased.

We sincerely look forward to working with you and truly appreciate your business. Browse our Web site or contact us to let us know how we can help.

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